UF Modules


Minexcell’s ultrafiltration (UF) technology provides the following special features:

  • Thin and hollow type of PVDF membrane fiber that maximizes the effective filtration surface area in a given volume
  • Nominal pore diameter on membrane surface is 0.05 μm, which is designed for the removal of bacteria, viruses, particles and colloids
  • Membrane fiber has a reinforced composite structure, which is able to stand 50 kg of load
  • uf_16It tolerates high temperatures up to 40 °C
  • Hydrophilic membrane fiber is easy to clean and keeps high performance for a long time
  • Outside-In flow type has high tolerance for solids contamination and enables cleaning by air scouring

UF fibers are installed in UPVC vessel, which is resistant to UV light. The vessel is designed to stand pressure.
It allows easy removal of air during system cleaning and system start-up.
Dead-end flow type also gives a higher recovery rate and consumes less energy.

UF vessels are available in standardized modules as the following

UF Module KH-40 & KH-60 (PDF)
UF Module KH-80 (PDF)
UF Module KH-26 & KH-28 (PDF)